DARPA Robotics Challenge

Walkman robot trying the Polaris Ranger

Sharing Personal Experiences from the Walkman Garage It’s been slightly more than a week now since the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) Finals. Time enough to process and reflect the experiences made during a busy week at Fairplex. Some of them I wish to share here very quick. I remember well the DARPA Grand Challenges back … Read more

Elastic Robot Links: Curse or Blessing? (Part 2)

TUDOR robot

In first place, elasticity in the links of robot arms prolongs settling times and deteriorates the positioning accuracy. However, the feasibility of fast and precise end effector positioning for an elastic link arm has been exemplified with ball catching experiments[1] Malzahn, Jörn, Anh Son Phung, and Torsten Bertram. “A Multi-Link-Flexible Robot Arm Catching Thrown Balls.” 7th … Read more

RoboCup@HOME 2013

Follow Me task

Since the RoboCup German Open are happening right now in Magdeburg and many people are asking me what the different robots actually have to do in the @HOME league, I thought I might give you a small overview of the 2013 RoboCup@HOME tasks. The teams that are qualified for the German Open are: b-it-bots, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (Germany) Blue Bots, … Read more