Nowadays, you find ‘all robotics in one place’ – the original slogan of this website – on twitter. Our twitter account, @planetrobotics, will only occasionally come up with own tweets. Most of the time you will find us retweeting the most interesting robotics-related stuff we can find for our >13K followers. You should definitely follow us!

It's #WorldRobotDay today and that's a nice opportunity to explain a bit what we are doing over @NotMyRobots.
Here is a fun and intriguing interview by @arnenordmann originally for @robotik now translated into English at @planetrobotics.

So pleased to have found this excellent article by Silicon Valley Robotics and @RobotLaunch (Andra Keay). Read and retweet. We must stop robots reinforcing the stereotypes that we already know we don’t want. #WorldRobotDay #I_Robot_100 @planetrobotics


Should robots be gendered? comments on Alan Winfield’s opinion piece

The #robots are here. In Part 1 of this #OpenSourceStories film, we meet the people who turned #ROS into a global phenomenon.

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