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#292: Robot Operating System (ROS) & Gazebo, with Brian Gerkey

 − at 09:00, 06. Aug. 2019

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Brian Gerkey, CEO of Open Robotics about ROS and Gazebo.  ROS, which stands for Robot Operating System, is a set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot application; Gazebo is a 3D robotics simulator.  ROS and Gazebo are both open source and are widely used in the robotics community. Gerkey explains ROS and Gazebo and how they are used in robotics, as well as some of the design decisions of the second version of ROS, ROS2.


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Stretchy Wearable Patch Allows Two-Way Communication With Robots

 − at 20:30, 02. Aug. 2019

Multifunctional metal-oxide semiconductor used to build flexible RRAM, transistors, and sensors

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Video Friday: Kiki Is a New Social Robot Created by Two Ex-Googlers

 − at 20:25, 02. Aug. 2019

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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Surprisingly Speedy Soft Robot Survives Being Stepped On

 − at 20:00, 31. Jul. 2019

It's small, it's quick, and it's more robust than a cockroach

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First Programmable Memristor Computer

 − at 14:00, 31. Jul. 2019

Michigan team builds memristors atop standard CMOS logic to demo a system that can do a variety of edge computing AI tasks

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Swiss Post Suspends Drone Delivery Service After Second Crash

 − at 21:30, 29. Jul. 2019

An emergency parachute failure raises questions about the safety of urban delivery drones

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Video Friday: A Two-Armed Robot That Balances on a Ball

 − at 21:03, 26. Jul. 2019

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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Meet Aquanaut, the Underwater Transformer

 − at 17:00, 25. Jul. 2019

Houston Mechatronics built a robot sub that transforms into a skilled humanoid

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Toyota Research Developing New Telepresence Robot for 2020 Olympics

 − at 20:12, 23. Jul. 2019

Toyota's T-TR1 offers a way for people to attend the Olympics without leaving home

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Spring-Loaded Drone Collapses Mid-Flight to Zip Through Windows

 − at 21:50, 22. Jul. 2019

This drone can dynamically fold and unfold its arms to pass through narrow gaps

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