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iRobot Acquires Root Robotics to Boost STEM Education for Kids

 − at 13:01, 20. Jun. 2019

Root promises to teach coding skills to children, starting as young as 4 years old

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Robot Fish Powered by Synthetic Blood Just Keeps Swimming

 − at 19:00, 19. Jun. 2019

A liquid battery that doubles as hydraulic fluid helps this robot swim for up to 36 hours

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Dishcraft Robotics Takes Over Dishwashing From Humans

 − at 18:30, 18. Jun. 2019

Washing dishes is a problem that robots can solve, at least in commercial kitchens

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Massive 3D Dataset Helps Robots Understand What Things Are

 − at 17:00, 17. Jun. 2019

PartNet is a new semantic database of common objects that brings a new level of real-world understanding to robots

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How the US Military’s Latest Surveillance Technology Was Inspired by Hollywood

 − at 13:52, 17. Jun. 2019

A Q&A with ‘Eyes in the Sky’ author Arthur Holland Michel

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Video Friday: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Tries Dexterous Robot Hands

 − at 22:49, 14. Jun. 2019

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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T-RHex Is a Hexapod Robot With Microspines on Its Feet

 − at 21:16, 12. Jun. 2019

Tiny spikes allow this robot to climb its way up steep slopes and grip onto rough surfaces

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Robotic Animal Agility

 − at 21:00, 12. Jun. 2019

Packed with sensory systems and equipped with revolutionary joints, the ANYmal robot is perfectly at ease on even the roughest terrain. It will soon be ready to inspect industrial sites, sewage systems and agricultural fields with complete autonomy.

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#288: On Artificial Intelligence for Wildlife Conservation, with Milind Tambe

 − at 09:00, 11. Jun. 2019

In this episode, Lauren Klein interviews Professor Milind Tambe of Computer Science and Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California about his research using artificial intelligence for wildlife conservation. Dr. Tambe describes his team’s use of security games to combat poaching, and his experience deploying his algorithms to inform park ranger schedules internationally.


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Sensitive Whiskers Could Make Small Drones Safer

 − at 21:15, 10. Jun. 2019

This whisker sensing system can detect air pressure from objects even before they make physical contact

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