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Video Friday: Final Goodbye to Opportunity Rover, and More

 − at 19:10, 15. Feb. 2019

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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For Micro Robot Insects, Four Wings May Be Better Than Two

 − at 23:05, 14. Feb. 2019

An extra pair of wings makes robot insects much easier to control

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Robot Attempts to Navigate As Well As a Tiny Desert Ant

 − at 20:00, 13. Feb. 2019

Desert ants can navigate remarkably well with the aid of the sun, a skill that robots are trying to duplicate

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4 Experts Respond to Trump's Executive Order on AI

 − at 22:00, 12. Feb. 2019

The new "American AI Initiative" is heavy on bombast, light on specifics

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From the Segregated South to Bell Labs to the AI Frontier

 − at 19:00, 12. Feb. 2019

Legendary inventor James West is trying to save lives with a smart stethoscope

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Robot Melts Its Bones to Change How It Walks

 − at 17:30, 12. Feb. 2019

Joints that are reconfigurable on the fly help this small robot avoid obstacles

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Video Friday: Robotic Gecko Gripper, and More

 − at 23:19, 08. Feb. 2019

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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Remotely Operated Home Robot Can Do Your Laundry

 − at 21:50, 07. Feb. 2019

In Japan, you'll be able to rent a home robot that someone else occasionally inhabits to fold your clothes

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Pictionary-Playing AI Sketches the Future of Human-Machine Collaborations

 − at 15:00, 06. Feb. 2019

As either "guesser" or "drawer," the Allen Institute's new AI cooperates with a human player

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Penny-Sized Ionocraft Flies With No Moving Parts

 − at 21:53, 05. Feb. 2019

A drone powered by electrohydrodynamic thrust is the smallest flying robot ever made

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