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New WALK-MAN Robot Is Slimmer, Quicker, Better at Quenching Your Flames

 − at 22:55, 22. Feb. 2018

A lighter and more efficient redesign of IIT's disaster robot can fight industrial fires

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Artificial Snakeskin Helps Robots Get Their Slither On

 − at 20:00, 21. Feb. 2018

Harvard researchers are developing robots with deformable scaly skin that can move like snakes

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#254: Collaborative Systems for Drug Discovery, with Peter Harris

 − at 08:00, 18. Feb. 2018

In this episode, Abate interviews Peter Harris from HighRes Biosolutions about automation in the field of drug discovery. At HighRes Biosolutions they are developing modular robotic systems that work alongside scientists to automate laboratory tasks. Because the requirements of each biomedical research laboratory are so varied, the robotic systems are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each lab.


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Video Friday: Boston Dynamics, Autonomous Drone, and Robot Drum Man

 − at 20:45, 16. Feb. 2018

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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Robonaut Has Been Broken for Years, and Now NASA Is Bringing It Home

 − at 21:59, 15. Feb. 2018

A mysterious hardware problem has kept the ISS Robonaut out of action since at least 2015, so it's returning to Earth for a fix

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AI2-THOR Interactive Simulation Teaches AI About Real World

 − at 18:45, 15. Feb. 2018

AI2-THOR, an interactive simulation based on home environments, can prepare AI for real-world challenges

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Accurate Navigation Without GPS

 − at 18:00, 14. Feb. 2018

Circuit keeps up to 5.5-meter accuracy after 3 kilometers

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Drone Delivery, If Done Right, Could Cut Emissions

 − at 21:00, 13. Feb. 2018

To make drone package delivery green, look at drone size, electricity source, and warehouses, researchers say

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Skydio Demonstrates Incredible Obstacle-Dodging Full Autonomy With New R1 Consumer Drone

 − at 15:00, 13. Feb. 2018

The Skydio R1 is years ahead of just about any other autonomous drone we've ever seen

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Modeling Uncertainty Helps MIT's Drone Zip Around Obstacles

 − at 17:30, 12. Feb. 2018

This drone keeps track of what it doesn't know to quickly plan aggressive maneuvers

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