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“Unorthodox” AI Helps Identify Best Cancer Treatments

 − at 17:30, 17. Aug. 2018

The self-learning model identifies drug regimens that shrink tumors while minimizing side effects

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Video Friday: Teaching a Robot to Pick Up a Knife, and More

 − at 17:00, 17. Aug. 2018

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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New Engineering Journal from Annual Reviews

 − at 21:32, 16. Aug. 2018

The inaugural volume of the Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems is now available online!

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Haru: An Experimental Social Robot from Honda Research

 − at 16:08, 15. Aug. 2018

The Honda Research Institute gives an in-depth look at the design of their newest social robot prototype

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Aerial-Biped Is a Quadrotor With Legs That Can Fly-Walk

 − at 20:22, 13. Aug. 2018

Walking around wouldn't be nearly so hard if you could just shut gravity off for a bit

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Two Startups Use Processing in Flash Memory for AI at the Edge

 − at 19:30, 13. Aug. 2018

Mythic AI and Syntiant sound similar on the surface, but they're after different markets

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Video Friday: Harvard's Peacock Spider Robot, and More

 − at 16:30, 10. Aug. 2018

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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Why the Pursuit of a 'Killer App' for Home Robots Is Fraught With Peril

 − at 23:05, 09. Aug. 2018

Tim Enwall, head of Misty Robotics, discusses the challenges of developing a personal robot for the mass market

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Therapy Robot Teaches Social Skills to Children With Autism

 − at 20:50, 09. Aug. 2018

The QTrobot from LuxAI was designed to help children with autism learn to interact with humans

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Anki's Vector Is a Little AI-Powered Robot Now on Kickstarter for $200

 − at 18:55, 08. Aug. 2018

Is this the personal home robot we've been waiting for? No, but Vector will make you smile

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